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Our Mission

At New Focus Mental Health, we are convinced that good mental health is a crucial component for strengthening personal and professional relationships, empowering people and promoting general well-being.

Our great purpose is to be able to make a difference by educating people with mental illness through individual, family, and group counseling. In this way we intend to help our patients improve their well-being, alleviate anxiety, maladjustment, resolve crises and increase their ability to function as well as possible in their lives.

We offer care in Spanish and English for families, children, adolescents, youth, and adults of any age in the following programs:

• Individual psychotherapy
• Group psychotherapy
• Psychosocial rehabilitation
• Couples / Families
• Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication management
• Substance abuse treatment
• Applied behavioral analysis (ABA)
• Targeted Case Management

Our physicians, therapists, and case managers were chosen based on their unique backgrounds and in a way that their professional development helps our patients cope with, manage, and prevent psychological disorders and psychiatric symptoms that affect their daily functioning. Each of our insurance professionals will contribute to a better quality of life for their patients, seeing the individual composed of emotional, physiological, intellectual, and environmental, sociocultural and spiritual factors, in an effort to minimize or prevent recurring disease events. mental health and return the individual to the maximum level of rehabilitation, recovery, independence, and functioning.

Focus areas

• Depressive Disorder
• Anxiety Disorder
• Attention Deficit
• Autism
• Mood Disorder
• Psychotic Disorder
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

• Trauma and Stress Related Disorders (PTSD)
• Somatic Disorder, Eating Disorder
• ADHD, Identity Problems
• Family and relationship challenges
• Career guidance
• Medication-induced disorders
• Psychiatric disorders due to medical conditions

• Family dynamics and relationships
• Divorce, Self-esteem issues
• Self-confidence
• Coping skills
• Personal growth
• Path and goal orientation Life
• Work Concerns
• Romantic Relationships and Chronic Illnesses


4180 SW 74th Court, Suite 204,
Miami, Fl 33155

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