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What is group therapy?

It is a form of psychosocial treatment in which a small group of patients meet regularly to talk, interact, and discuss different problems. The psychotherapist brings together a small group of people with emotional problems (usually similar) in the same session to encourage each one to comment on their concerns or disorders and help each other, under her professional direction.

Thanks to the interaction of the group, the behavior and attitudes of the patients are modified, while their interpersonal relationship skills are improved. Throughout the sessions, with the support of the psychotherapist and the other members of the group, each patient expresses her emotions and learns to listen and understand those of others, which facilitates the resolution of her personal improvement process.

This type of therapy is indicated for people who suffer from anxiety, phobia, relationship difficulties and / or mild depression. In addition, it is also used in the cases of patients with organic conditions such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes, which can be integrated into heterogeneous groups or with the same pathology

Group therapy benefits

The patient can see that what happens to him also happens to other people. This helps, not only with understanding, but also with the support offered by the psychotherapy group.
Discover that the image that a person gives is very different from what they think.
Group therapy offers members a very important support and support framework, as an added benefit to understanding personal problems.
People are part of a group in their day to day, such as the family group, friends, school, and work, among others. That is why this type of psychotherapy allows us to understand why some situations occur and the ways to solve them.


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