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For stronger relationships, individual therapy can help in all areas of your life, with your couple and family relationships, it can help you overcome difficulties in the face of a trauma or an unexpected situation in life, it contributes to improving moods and any symptoms of depression. Our therapist strives to support and promote constructive change in your emotional health and relationships. Together, we take a closer look at what is causing feelings of dissatisfaction and pain.

We use different approaches:
• Supportive psychotherapy
• Insight-oriented therapy
• Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
• Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
• Motivational interviews

How does individual therapy work?

Those who require this service must come to our center with a referral specifically directed for individual or group therapy from their primary care physician, neurologist, or psychiatrist. The referral must include an acceptable diagnosis, in the same way you can contact us for any questions related to this requirement.

Initial treatment begins with an initial evaluation in which your therapist will ask about your history and what leads you to therapy. In the first few sessions, you will begin to develop a new relationship with your therapist and during the initial phase of treatment, your therapist will begin to help you understand her feelings and needs. During the intake process, both you and the therapist set goals, plan, and create a support team. Each individual client sets the pace and duration of therapy with helpful suggestions from their therapist.


4180 SW 74th Court, Suite 204,
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