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We are a community-based mental health center. We are a safe, familiar place with highly specialized, fully accredited, and highly trained psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and in general mental health professionals. We are all committed to treating patients in a respectful and confidential manner and using a medical approach that allows us to facilitate the improvement of our patients to work towards their mental health goals.

Our outpatient mental health programs offer personalized psychiatric and therapeutic counseling and support services for people experiencing emotional distress. Our services are client-centered, and we base our treatment on the principle that lasting and better change is possible when motivation is internalized. As such, all services are based on a motivational approach to change that builds on individual strengths with evidence-supported and effective treatments and therapies. Additionally, our evaluation and treatment practices are tailored to the developmental differences of children, adolescents, adults, and seniors, which means that our patients receive the best personalized care.


4180 SW 74th Court, Suite 204,
Miami, Fl 33155

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