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What is directed case management?

It is a service that we offer in our center to help the patient and her family to integrate into the community, their own family and their work or educational environment, etc.

These case management services are provided by healthcare professionals who work with patients to identify problems that prevent them from making improvements in their lives. Its objectives are aimed especially at providing:

• Welfare and social security assistance
• Administration of medications and medical services
• Unemployment assistance
• Support / Tutoring Programs for School and Learning
• Services for people with disabilities
• Community enrichment programs
• Legal assistance services

At New Focus Mental Health, we provide this service through a diverse and personalized approach, which allows us to adjust to the needs of each patient. In general, specific case management services ensure that all qualified individuals have someone to advocate for their needs and help them find resources within their communities that promote healthy living.


Any patient according to their needs can also receive from our specialists an attention safe, secure, and easy.

Telemedicine is now available at New Focus Mental Health. You can speak to your provider from the safety of your home through a secure video chat. If you are a new patient and would like to learn more about telemedicine, please call our office and one of our friendly team members will be able to answer any questions.


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